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While public consultation has been denied, we think it’s important for people to voice their views. Here are a collection of submissions received via our community engagement and public networking. Not one person has submitted in favour. The BWST must realise the alienation they are opening themselves up for, as a community project it’s hard to comprehend how little they seem to care about this.   Continue reading

Concerned Nelson residents to fight proposed poison drop- Nelson Mail

Last updated 13:06, March 7 2016

Residents in Nelson’s Brook Valley have vowed to take legal action if the application to drop poison in the Brook Sanctuary gains consent.

The Brook Valley Community Group has become an incorporated society so they can apply to the environmental legal assistance fund for help with the costs of preparing a case to to the Environment Court. Continue reading

Stop the Drop – Public Meeting 27-02-16


The Brook Valley Community Group

invites you to a


at the

Waimarama Community Gardens, Saturday 27February, 4 P.M.

Speakers: Cr. Tim Skinner
Tamika Simpson

Brief Background: An application has been lodged by the Sanctuary Trust to drop 24 tonnes of brodifacoum poison bait. Public notification has been denied, on the unjustifiable grounds that this will have a less than minor effect upon the environment. Your Council denies any ability to act. We think this a most unsatisfactory situation, for many reasons. Join us, to hear more.


Brook Plan – Post submisssions.

Hey All,
I went along to the hearing panel deliberations the other day, and it seems all our input has led to some positive improvements! Vision 1 – labelling the campground as an ‘international tourism hub’ is not to stand. Neither for that matter is vision 2.. Instead, a new vision has been drafted, which reads along the lines of;
“The Brook Reserve serves the community as a centre for environmental education and conservation and as a destination for camping and outdoor recreation, including appropriately-scaled recreation and tourism developments” Continue reading

Submission to draft Brook Recreation Reserve Management Plan – Moira Bauer

Below is my personal submission to the draft Brook Recreation Reserve Management Plan.
Its not as polished as I would have liked, sometimes life throws unexpected curve-balls that take your attention away from where you’ve planned to put it.. So be it! here it is.


Submission to the Brook Recreation Reserve Management Plan

The Brook Valley is a quiet, peaceful, residential neighbourhood, shrouded in green hills, with a distinct character of tranquility. The setting is perfect for a wildlife sanctuary, with its close proximity to the both the Nelson CBD, and conservation reserve land stretching from the Brook over to the Aniseed, and on to meet the Richmond Ranges.

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Report favours Brook Valley gondola proposal

Figures stack up technically and financially


Last updated 12:58 04/06/2014

A feasibility study on a proposed Nelson gondola has given its backers confidence to press on with the project.

The Nelson Cycle Lift Society, which is behind the proposed gondola project from the Brook Valley to Fringed Hill, undertook the study with a $15,000 grant from the Nelson City Council.

The study has found the project initially sound geologically, economically and in its engineering.

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Gondola moves step higher – by Nelson Mail

Last updated 12:45 06/05/2014

A report from the feasibility study for a proposed gondola in Nelson has been sent to Nelson mayor Rachel Reese and Nelson City Council chief executive Clare Hadley for review.

“The report has been given to the mayor and chief executive.

“We are seeking feedback before further announcements are made, but in summary it is looking very, very positive and exciting.” said Jo Rainey, the man behind the idea.
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Residents rise up over pest fence – The Southland Times

Last updated 05:00 16/04/2014

Angry questions were thrown at Predator Free Rakiura governance group members by Stewart Island residents and business owners at a public meeting last night.

More than 100 people attended the meeting at the community centre on the Island, filling the hall with people lined up at the back of the room and some sitting on the floor.

Residents wanted to know what kind of biosecurity measures would be put in place and how it would impact on the island, but became frustrated when organisers cut them off, saying the questions were not relevant to the topics scheduled for discussion.

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Park buildings concern – by Nelson Mail


Brook Valley Holiday Park residents fear that the arrival of some conservation training buildings will spell the end of their home but the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary says nothing sinister is going on.

The residents’ committee contacted the Nelson Mail on Thursday after NMIT building students were seen measuring up a site inside the camp, which owner Nelson City Council is proposing to close.

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City has ‘too many camps’ – by Nelson Mail


The Nelson City Council has released a report on its proposed closure of the Brook Valley Holiday Park which says “it would seem that Nelson’s needs do not extend to three council-owned camping grounds”.

But the report, supplied to the Nelson Mail after a request under the Official Information Act, has been heavily edited.

Chief executive Clare Hadley said she had removed material “that does not relate to the Brook, and for which I believe good reason to withhold remains”.

The excised information Mrs Hadley has identified in the edited report includes section 5.4 and all five paragraphs of section 6, all under the heading “Brook Valley Holiday Park”, as well as four paragraphs from section 4, which gives the background to the report.


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“Acknowledgement of your request for information on Brook Valley Holiday Park”

Better late than never…

Sent: Friday, 21 March 2014 4:35 PM

Dear Justine,
Thank you for your e-mail dated 12 March about the Brook Valley Holiday Park.
We are treating your request for information as a request under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act, 1987 (LGOIMA). We will endeavour to respond to you as soon as possible and no later than 20 working days – 8 April.

Where is the Holiday Park in all of this?

Brook Waimarama Sanctuary – Business Case & Feasibility Study
March 2012

Summary Document and BWST Response 

October 2012


Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust [BWST] commissioned this independent business case and feasibility study to determine the viability for the creation of a pest-proof fenced wildlife sanctuary located in the Brook Valley of the Nelson region.

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MP backs residents in campground battle – by Nelson Mail


Residents of the Brook Valley Holiday Park should be allowed to stay put, says Nelson-based Labour list MP Maryan Street.

She said she’d visited the camp after hearing that the Nelson City Council was proposing to close it, displacing about 50 residents, some of whom have lived there for many years.


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Trust against closure of campground – By Nelson Mail


The Brook Waimarama Sanctuary Trust does not support the Nelson City Council’s proposal to close the Brook campground, says trust chairman Dave Butler.

The Nelson City Council plans to close the camp saying it is running at a significant loss. Public consultation is to take place next month with a final decision to be made in June. Long-term residents are fighting the proposal and have started a petition against the closure.

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NCC weeks late issuing notice

14 March – the following note is finally displayed at the camp reception office:

Brook Valley Holiday Park Information
Council is proposing to close the Brook Valley Holiday Park.

It wants to ensure that the costs are kept at a minimum until it has made a decision. The number of campers is diminishing as we move into the colder months.
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Formal request for answers put to Nelson City Council

Below is a copy of the questions that the Brook Valley Community Group officially asked Nelson City Council.

We would like to formally request the following information:

  1. All and any correspondence, reports, documents, meeting minutes and emails, etc. pertaining to the Brook Valley Holiday Park.
  2. All and any correspondence, reports, documents, meeting minutes and emails, etc. pertaining to the Brook Valley Gondola Proposal.

  3. All and any correspondence, reports, documents, meeting minutes and emails, etc. pertaining to the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary leasing/using Brook Valley Holiday Park recreation reserve land; including information around the decision to relocate buildings on to said land in association with NMIT and DOC.
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Camp in profit before council takeover – by Nelson Mail


A steep rise in staff costs and overheads is responsible for the threatened Brook Valley Holiday Park’s losses since the Nelson City Council took it over, figures supplied by the council show.

The camp was making money until the council took over its management during the 2010-11 year, its former leaseholder has confirmed.

The council is proposing to close the camp, displacing around 50 permanent residents, some of whom have been there for many years.

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8th and 9th March
With no staff at all at the camp over the weekend and no-one available to account for their actions at the Council, residents were left without adequate facilities and any means of recourse yet again.

This is not in accordance with Nelson City Councils prior statement: “While the future of the park is considered, services and facilities will be maintained for the people who continue to live there”.

Download this page in a PDF format

Check historical records

“I would like to see all the Nelson City Councillors looking up old historical records. Apparently the Brook Valley Holiday Park cannot be closed as it was given to the council on condition that the camp would stay open there in perpetuity. There should be some records around 1934 when the gift of the land was given.

If it is closed it will have to be given back to the family that owned it and a full apology should be given as the council is not fulfilling its promise to the family. Please councillors, look into this promise that was given by the council.” – DOROTHY-ROSE PALLESEN Nelson, March 8.

Download this page in a PDF format

Brook Valley Holiday Park’s Balance (comment)

“I am very confused that the income quoted for the Brook Valley Holiday Park is upwards of $200,000, and yet the balance at the end of the year is -$175,000. That’s a turnover of $375,000 for 50+ permanent residents?

As ratepayers I think we are all entitled to a full breakdown of both income and expenses over at least the last financial year, which will afford clarity about how this balance has been determined.

I am also very saddened to hear that the current tenants have been given notice to leave, and then followed by the statement that the council is just “beginning the consultation process”.
It seems like the decision is clearly already made. Unfair, unjust, and clearly not democratic.”
– KV Douglas Atawhai, March 8.

Download this page in a PDF format

Campground closure plan raises questions – by Nelson Mail


OPINION: It’s hard not to feel for the permanent residents of Nelson’s Brook Valley Holiday Park over the campground’s proposed closure.

The news was hand-delivered by Nelson City Council officials last Friday, and came as a shock to the 50 or so permanent residents who have made it their quiet and affordable home in a city where affordable accommodation options are limited.

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Residents refuse to leave camp ground – by Nelson Weekly


“The brook camp is one of the last places remaining in this area where one can actually say they are camping in nature – the Maitai camp is on a main road and affords NO privacy llike the brook – perhaps the council would be better off marketing the camp better or close the Maitai one and merge them both – the brook camp is far superior for holidays – or does it have another agenda for what is a lucrative and prime real estate – the Nelson area is becoming more and more devoid of natural environments to holiday in and you can’t call tahuna a natural environment being so close to the airport even though the beach is right there nothing beats the environs of the forest and a nice dip in a river hole which the brook has in abundance” – unity1nz

“It’s such lovely place, I wish they would invest more in it to raise the standards a little higher and give it real go…
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Sanctuary development ‘not factor’ in closure – by Nelson Mail


The development of the Brook Waimarama Sanctuary is not a factor in the planned closure of the Brook Valley Holiday Park, Nelson mayor Rachel Reese said today.

Residents and others have suggested that the closure is linked to the bird sanctuary development. The council has allocated more than $1 million toward the pest-proof fence and has allowed the relocation of the sanctuary trust’s conservation centre into the camp’s grounds.
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Gondola dream comes closer to lift-off – by Nelson Mail

WORLD CLASS ATTRACTION PLANNED: Lift society spokesman Jo Rainey.

gondola and adventure park development planned for Nelson’s Brook Valley is one small step further ahead, with the city council’s decision yesterday to grant $15,000 towards a feasibility study.

The Nelson Cycle Lift Society Incorporated is steering the project which aims to have a gondola lift built on council land from the Brook Valley to near the top of Fringed Hill. A restaurant and cafe plus bike hire were also planned. Continue reading

CAWTHRON PARK Nelson Evening Mail, Volume XLVIII, 2 August 1913, Page 5



Last year the property of the Dun Mountain Company, comprising an area of 2500 acres, was placed under offer to the City Council. Negotiations have been going on for some time between Mr. T Cawthron and the Company, and the outcome was the purchase of the property by that gentleman, avid last evening it was offered to the citizens of Nelson.

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