Hearing April 6 9am

The Hearing date has been set for Wednesday 6 April, 9am

As residents of the Brook Valley, the Campground, Nelson or New Zealand you have no right to be heard on this matter. Luckily for us all, we have the opportunity to have our voices heard through the submissions of those who have been given the right to be heard (neighbouring landowners)
This is the message we are circulating, on behalf of neighbouring landowner Richard Sullivan, please contact him if you can contribute in some way, and if you are available at 9am on a weekday and can show up and offer support at the hearing, we’d love to see you there also!

(from Richard)
I (and other affected parties) can submit evidence from expert witnesses up to 5 working days prior to the hearing.  There is no limitation on what is deemed an expert witness so I suggest you make your point and send it to me, and I will pass it on as expert testimony.
All you need to say is what you are an expert in and what your credentials are.  Thus I suggest you decide what you are an expert in such as “Living in the Brook” and state your credentials as “I have lived there for x years”.  You could also be an expert in dog walking, volunteering for the sanctuary or whatever you choose.
As long as you state your expertise and your credentials and get your statement to me by March 29, I will forward it as my expert witness statement(s).
It is likely that the commissioner will disregard the statements, but I think it is important that the community’s feelings are on the record.
FYI – here is a copy of the information presented to the commissioner on behalf of NCC as requiring body (Officers Report) alongside the other documentation posted here previously. RM155046 Sec 42A Officer Report – signed – with attachments

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