Submissions on Poison Drop Resource Consent

Below are links to the submissions received for the Resource Consent Application for aerial application of Brodifacoum

155046 Sub 4 – R Sullivan – recvd 22Jan16
155046 Sub 3 – T Simpson recvd 22Jan16
155046 Sub 2 – S Simpson – recvd 22Jan16
155046 Sub 1 – Ngati Kuia – recvd 19Jan16

One thought on “Submissions on Poison Drop Resource Consent

  1. I’ve lived in Nelson my whole 53 years, the majority of that in the brook valley.
    The consent granted for the poison drop inside the new sanctuary fence is the worst decision i’ve heard in that time. (and there have been many bad decisions in the past to choose from).
    Don’t those responsible understand that the rodent population will survive better than the native wildlife?, so with this ludicrous decision they are starting a inhumane and unwinable campaign.
    What is the real reason for this drop?
    To Hudson Dodd and everyone who supports this ridiculous decision, how can you be so ignorant of the facts.
    The fence offers the opportunity for volunteer trappers to finish properly what they have been working on for several years now. A pest free environment can now be accomplished through trapping.
    Why on earth would you even consider poisoning the entire area, and everything living inside it.
    Are you FOOLS, or are you corrupted.
    Shame, shame, shame on you all.
    I hope god forgives you, as no-one else will, once the lunacy begins.


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