Stop the Drop – Public Meeting 27-02-16


The Brook Valley Community Group

invites you to a


at the

Waimarama Community Gardens, Saturday 27February, 4 P.M.

Speakers: Cr. Tim Skinner
Tamika Simpson

Brief Background: An application has been lodged by the Sanctuary Trust to drop 24 tonnes of brodifacoum poison bait. Public notification has been denied, on the unjustifiable grounds that this will have a less than minor effect upon the environment. Your Council denies any ability to act. We think this a most unsatisfactory situation, for many reasons. Join us, to hear more.


One thought on “Stop the Drop – Public Meeting 27-02-16

  1. I support your actions that animal poisons should not be dropped anywhere in the Brook Stream watershed (catchment), being almost entirely within the Brook Sanctuary. Also your move to have this action publicly notified so we can have our inputs,

    Animal poisons should only be used anywhere in NZ only after public consultation, and only where there is NO OTHER actions possible.

    Cedar Poole


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