Update for Campers 28-10-2015

Greetings fellow campers!

I notice council hasn’t sent around the usual letters to update on camp affairs, so I thought I’d do a quick update around what council has decided and what it means for those of us here.

Much is still uncertain, but as far as our lot goes, this is what we can be relatively certain of;

  • Provision is made for long term campers to stay, within the boundaries of a defined ‘relocatable home park’ to be based in Fantail Glades.
  • Occupancy of this park will be limited, with a maximum of 25sites to be provided. Fantail glades will need to be extended to supply this.
  • Those of us not currently in fantail glades will need to think about relocating, which will be difficult for some.
  • Further, all ‘dwellings’ must be seen to be ‘truly relocatable’ meaning any and all permanent fixtures will be under scrutiny. It is difficult to tell at this stage how forcefully council will apply this, or even wether it will be council or another party tasked with managing the campground that will be active on this. ‘Relocatable’ is the key definition.
  • The timeframe of anything happening here is still uncertain. Council has to formalise the land status, then adopt the management plan, then develop a ‘comprehensive development plan’ and then go about implementing it. It could take a while yet. It is unlikely the Christmas season campers will be met with anything other than the status quo.
  • No sinking cap policy! (meaning when a site is vacated someone new may come and fill it)
  • The relocatable home park and its performance are due to be reviewed in 3 years’ time. Originally it was 5years, but was reduced to 3 by the hearing panel, so we can be certain of very little beyond then.

Also of interest;

  • The NMIT classrooms have been given the all-clear to be relocated into the prime camping spots up next to the managers’ house.
  • The Sanctuary has been given the all clear to use portions of the land for parking space (which I believe is to be behind the managers house, in the location of the old swimming pool)
  • The legal road through the camp and up to the first dam is to be stopped, which will allow whatever management is in place to restrict access from the camp gate as it finds convenient, and to alter the road layout.

We could be living in somewhat of a construction site for some time yet. I will query the council regarding what kind of timeframe we can expect for changes to start happening. Nothing much in the immediate future.

There are still many questions. How far will fantail glades be extended? When would this begin? What about parking for residents? I imagine there are many more questions, comments and concerns that I haven’t even thought about yet…

There will be a community BBQ at the old BBQ site by the playground on Sunday Nov 22nd, come along! Perhaps we can figure out how we will coexist in fantail glades, share ideas over fire and sausages 🙂

Slow progress and small victories are still worth celebrating!

All the best and happy camping,


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