Draft Brook Recreation Reserve Management Plan

Council Attach 11Jun2015

Howdy all, the draft plan is ready! Its a mighty document of 100+ pages, but carefully considered and apparently rather representative of the consultation, which is heartening.
Basically, two options / “visions” are provided, both retain a commercial campground,
both allow for permanent residence through a “relocatable motor home park” which is great news for us. there will be compliance issues to address, in due time, but we are certainly not being kicked out, which is worthy of celebration.
Both provide for the NMIT buildings to move into the upper campground, the allocation of the field by the old pool for parking, and the establishment of a “Eureka Park” by the grove of redwoods near the camp entrance.

The main difference between the proposed “visions” is that one allows for the development of the gondola (or other commercial enterprise), and the other doesn’t. In typical Council fashion, and despite our objections, voiced in the public forum and by Councillor Tim Skinner, Council has chosen to support the vision that provides for commercial development.

Further Consultation will follow.

To be entirely honest I need to reread this report in detail, it was a little too much to absorb while preparing to present to council this morning, and ill add updates and points of interest as I discover them.

Much gratitude to those who submitted, it was worthwhile, and we have achieved a lot already!


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