Information Received via Official Information Act Request – 3/12/2014

Follow the link below to view information received from NCC following an OIA request

LGOIMA request Christopher St Johanser (A1281595)

Of particular Interest here is a memo from Senior Policy Planning Advisor, which outlines the options for dealing with the camp closure proposal, and the reasoning for recommending the Reserve Management Plan approach. It is emphasised twice that any activity considered in the MP bypasses further public consultation for leases and resource consents.
It also advises council to take legal opinion on the compatibility of the NMIT/DOC buildings, and the BWST project with the Reserve status of the land.

Also, there is a report that was presented to council, recommending the management plan process. some figures of interest are;
Council was quoted figures of;
$50,000 of additional expenditure to have the camp reopened and managed full-time.
$55,000 expenditure for the upgrade of cabins.
$65,000 additional income if the camp were reopened.
$50,000 for the process of preparing the MP.
It is unclear wether the cabins would need to be operational to meet the quoted figure for additional income, and an amendment suggested by Cl Skinner, seconded by Cl Copeland, – to prepare a report detailing what would be required to have the camp fully reopened – was not carried.


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