Geotech Report for Brook Sanctuary Fence

The link below will take you to the Geotech Report for the Sanctuary Fence. 

20102014115748– Geotech BWS

While the wording of the report is eternally optimistic, it raises concerns with one not versed in Geotechnical Lingo.

  • There are various references to the realignment of the fence to avoid very steep (>45degree) slopes, some of which may breach resource consent conditions requiring a minimum 50m distance from the Dun Mountain Track.
  • References to large amounts of ‘Endhaul’ for which a suitable disposal site had not yet been determined.
  • Recommendations for Stormwater and Sediment Management.
  •  Talk of Erosion control.

A structure such as this fence will always be a significant undertaking, but it is hard to find language in this report that alleviates the concerns raised by locals within the Resource Consent Application Process that the land is too steep, and that the clearance of significant amounts of forest could lead to slips, erosion and dangerous storm water channels.

The Application for the Resource Consent Can be found under Documents.

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