The Brook Valley Holiday Park has been a camping site for a very long time. It is also a Heritage and Landscape Woodland and has been for many decades.

“In December, 1926, the council decided to establish a camping
site near the Reservoir. The following year surprise was expressed
that though this had been done, motorists were not using it but were
camping elsewhere. It was decided to publicise the facility.”
(Unfinished business by C.W. Bell)

February 4, 1961
There was little space for play at the reservoir camp. The council could well consider acquiring additional land here for this purpose.


The original water reservoir which once supplied Nelson with water, in the Brook reservoir area. A new reservoir, still used today, was built behind this structure. A few years ago the City Council used the old one as the base for the swimming pool at the reservoir motor camp.


March 4, 1967
Ferns, highlighted by the morning sun, and placid waters, disturbed only by the paddling of a sleepy duck, persuaded us to take this very peaceful scene at the Brook Street reservoir.


February 3, 1962
Some good did emerge for campers out of the unseasonable rain – it gave the kids at the reservoir camp a swimming hole.

Historic photos attributed to Friends of Nelson Library Inc.

Brook Motorcamp – Parcels of Land History.

To download the pdf  – follow the link below;


Existing website: http://www.brookholidaypark.co.nz

Information on the history of The Brook Valley Holiday Park (formerly known as The Reservoir Camp and The Brook Motorcamp) is very scarce. However, we are researching , and if you have any information regarding the early days of this camp; its inception, legal title of the land, council obligations, covenants, etc. please contact us on: savethebrook@gmail.com

Save The Brook

One thought on “History

  1. Stanley Andrews was caretaker of water works and camp for 13 years from mid 1920’s In those days it was mainly Nelson people used to holiday there. His house burnt down.


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